wordpress management

A WordPress is very easy and free to use as it is a powerful tool for blogging and building one’s website. Managing WordPress site of individuals, companies and businesses is very importantin order to promote growth in the business. There are several ways one can use in managing wordpress site. They are:

Making Use Of Backups

As daily activities are carried out, it is very likely for records or data to be lost. In order to avoid this, a regular backup is required at least weekly and if you can make it daily, that would be much better as when files are deleted or lost, backups help to retrieve these data. You can use different backup tools like Google drive, hard disks, etc.

Keep Security Diagnostics Running

wordpress management

Whenever an error or virus is found, security diagnosis helps to correct these errors as it easily detects them and send signals to the database. Running security diagnosis helps curtail the risk of fraudulent practices.

Manage Your Comments

Comments are mostly inevitable as there would always be comments from end users and most of these comments might not be necessary or be a spam. To avoid such unwanted comments, you need to check your comments including your spam box and delete unwanted comments.

Keep Your Forms Updated

Client will always like to give comments and contact the website or blog for more information which brings in the contact us form which is usually found in most blogs. The contact us form is meant to be reviewed daily in order not to loss potential clients and to also receive important messages.