4 Types Of Boxing Gloves To Consider Before Buying One

Buying Your First Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves come in different types depending on what it is used for. There are four main boxing glove types for you to choose from. Before you check the list of most recommended boxing gloves from https://boxerske-rukavice.cz, make sure that you read this article first to learn the different types or categories that you have to consider.

First Boxing GlovesTRAINING GLOVES

Fighters who are just starting out should begin with a pair of training gloves. These are always available in most sports stores because more and more people are interested in such sports. These gloves are perfect for beginners because they have enough padding for both bag training and sparring. These gloves are a good choice for both new and experienced fighters because they offer the support needed during training.


These gloves are made to be used with training tools like heavy bags, speed bags, and pads. Traditional boxing gloves have more padding around the knuckles, but bag gloves have less padding so that the boxers can feel the impact of their blows and start to get used to them. When trying out bag gloves, the boxer should be able to feel the effects of a punch to learn how to deal with it and react accordingly.


Sparring gloves are different from training gloves. They are specifically made for sparring. That is why they have extra padding to protect both the boxer and the person they are sparring with. When looking at sparring gloves online, you will notice that they are of the same size as the training gloves. The difference is that the sparring gloves can be a little bit heavier because they have more padding.


These gloves are made based on the standards of what should be used in the ring. They should have less padding around the knuckles so that the opponent can feel your hits and vice versa. And competition boxing gloves are sized by weight division. The rules for amateur gloves are stricter this way it’s easier for judges to give points. The amateur gloves are usually red or blue and have a white overlay on the knuckles.

Yes, boxing gloves do all look the same especially if this is the first time that you are buying one. But in reality, they do come in different types. It is very important that you know your options before you add items to your cart.