Learn Something About Proven Techniques for Piano Advancement

There are many platforms built on a foundation of proven techniques that have helped novices transform into skilled pianists, and professionals elevate their performances to the next level. The klavier it also about cultivating a deep understanding of musical theory and fostering an emotional connection to the music. Therefore, our program combines practical exercises with in-depth theory lessons to encourage a holistic understanding of piano music.

  • The practical aspect of our program focuses on building your technique through carefully structured exercises. Gradual progression is key, starting from basic note recognition and rhythm patterns, moving onto scales and chords, and ultimately tackling complex pieces. This structured, step-by-step approach ensures a solid foundation that facilitates advanced playing in the future.
  • Meanwhile, our theory component encourages students to understand the ‘why’ behind the music they play. This involves analysing the structure and harmonies of different compositions and exploring how these elements influence the overall feel and emotion of the piece. Comprehending music theory allows students to improvise and compose their own pieces, unlocking a deeper appreciation for the art form.


  • We also firmly believe in the power of active listening. We encourage students to listen to a wide variety of piano pieces, helping them to discern different styles, techniques, and genres. This broadens their musical horizons and inspires them to experiment and adapt in their own playing.

Finally, klavier encourages regular practice and perseverance, but also value the importance of making learning fun. Our lessons incorporate engaging activities and games that keep students motivated and enthusiastic about their journey of piano advancement.