Most frequent causes of home pool drain problems

your swimming pool

If you encounter a problem with your pool’s drain system, it is worth noting that there are a few potential causes. Naturally, two of the most common reasons for drain problems are chemical build-up and debris in the pipes. However, a few other potential causes might be worth investigating if your pool has been draining slowly or you have been experiencing any other issues with your drainage system.

Clogged pipes

Debris in the pipes is one of the most common problems when it comes to pool drain problems. It is very common for debris and other large items to be sucked into your drain system and cause blockages. In extreme cases, this can even cause the drain pipes to burst. The two types of blockages can be easy to identify by comparing your drain system’s condition with a person standing in the pool. If the person can remain upright, the pipes should be clear. When they are submerged, it will be evident that there is a blockage present.

Air in the pipes

There are a few different reasons why air might be present in your pipes. If these pipes are coated, you may experience air pockets within the compound. This is commonly found at the joints in your pool’s drain system, and removing these air pockets requires the help of professional Swimming Pool Services. It is worth noting that air pockets are not always a problem. If these pipes remain dry, air pockets might actually help the water flow more easily. The amount of air in your pipes also affects how far down the drain system can flow. It is best to have your drain system professionally checked when there is noticeable air in the pipes as well.

professional Swimming Pool Services

Leaking pipes

If you notice a significant amount of water leaking from your drain system, it might be worth taking the time to check why. The pipes may be cracked or faulty in some way. This can be very dangerous as it can lead to flooding in your home. If this happens, you might want to have the pipes professionally repaired before proceeding with fixing your pool’s drain problems.

Malfunctioning equipment

There are a few different pieces of pool equipment that can cause drain problems, including the ball valve. If this part of your system stops working properly, it can lead to a clog or leak. If you are experiencing drain problems and have not yet taken the time to look over your pool’s equipment, it is recommended that you do so before deciding on a course of action.

Hopefully, this will help prevent future drain problems with your swimming pool and keep it flowing freely. At the same time, it is essential to remember that if professional help is required, you should call an expert who can provide you with the best solutions to your problem. They will be able to quickly identify the source of the problem and solve it for you. It is worth noting that you might need to replace it entirely if your drain is clogged or leaking.