Hiring Masonry Services: Who Is The Right One To Pick?

Hiring Masonry Services: Who Is The Right One To Pick?

A mason uses concrete blocks, bricks, or natural stones to build structures, including:

  • Walls
  • Walkways
  • Fences
  • Chimneys

It depends on the building material that they specialize in, the work is called block masons, brick masons, or stonemasons. The brick masons are also referred to as bricklayers. The record in the U.S. states that approximately 292. 500 masons in 2016; most are concrete finishers and cement masons. Hire a Professional Mason according to your project needs.

Mason’s responsibilities and duties

Mason’s responsibilities depend on the medium they work, but some common duties may include:

  1. Assist in the following works:
    1. Layout
    2. Framing
    3. Sheathing
    4. Roofing
  2. Correct safety hazards and reports to the foreman to communicate serious safety issues
  3. Use tools and equipment to safely perform basic construction works
  4. Rebuild, tear down, and point chimneys
  5. Cut an opening into ceilings, walls, and floors constructed for the masonry materials

Select a masonry contractor

The masonry contractor builds structures using the building materials, such as concrete and bricks. When needing bricks repairs or a structure built where a professional mason is required, it is essential that you take time selecting the right one to work on the job. There are a lot of subcontractors and independent contractors since it is a skilled trade. The most important item to check is the validity of the license number or ROC number.

ROC numbers and licenses have to be renewed. You should take time to review the history with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding general business practices.

Feel free to try the masonry contractor by interviewing by having concrete pieces and random bricks along with standard mortar. You may ask them to build a structure while watching, to see the work quality and ethics. Ensure that some pieces are oddly shaped and of different lengths with a bit of challenge.

When you see that the structure they build is sturdy and straight, they know what they do. Ask about their training, schooling, and journeyman experience too. The portfolio of the complete project must be available with references. If the portfolio includes straight structures, the skills can’t be very advanced.

You may also ask about custom structures in odd shapes, such as:

  • circular fire pits
  • rounded walls
  • geometric building capabilities

If you are looking for a professional mason to work for your planned project, whether residential or commercial building construction, look for a professional mason. A professional helps complete the project successfully and rightfully.