Show-off Your Perfect Smile With Invisalign

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Tired of hiding your beautiful smile and covering it in pictures just because your teeth ruin it? Well, worry not because there are services today that help in perfectly aligning your teeth to make them look picture-perfect! For decades, people have been using something called braces for this exact reason. These are popularly made of metal, and have brackets affixed on each tooth, held together with a wire. Over time, these are tightened and your teeth slowly align in the coming years.

Now, this is a slow and gradual process that can also be painful while tightening and takes lots of time and discomfort to get used to. This is when a substitute like Invisalign comes in with its many advantages over traditional old braces!

The Alternative – Invisalign

Invisalign is a modern innovation that does the exact work of braces but in a more time-efficient and painless way. They are transparent aligners that cannot be noticed when worn, and start showing you results within a few weeks.

How do they work?

They as basically customized plans made to align your teeth and suit your needs. So the aligners you will be provided with, are specialized based on the requirement of your teeth. Unlike metal braces that need to be tightened periodically and cannot be removed, Invisalign treatment requires you to wear your aligners for a maximum of 22 hours a day and should be taken off while eating, meaning no restrictions on your food options. You need to wear it for the time period suggested by your orthodontist and regular check-ups with them will help you see your teeth progress.

Are they costly?

Now, a common question asked is regarding its cost. Considering it involves no complicated installation or removal and are much quicker, efficient and painless than metal braces, the price you pay is worth it.

In a city like New York, the average cost of Invisalign treatment can be anywhere from $4000 to about $8,000, but getting in touch with good orthodontists and clinics can fetch you great discounts. Although they are more expensive than getting the traditional braces, the quicker and more efficient results are what matters, in the end, making this a better option.

So considering the ease of maintenance, painlessness, and the many benefits of this treatment, it is just a one-time investment that will definitely give you bright results, enabling you to show off your perfect dazzling smile!