Understand the importance of leather football maintenance.

Footballs got manufactured to be tossed, kicked, and subjected to repeated punishment. Authentic footballs usually made of genuine leather, which, while not fragile, are subject to drying and splitting if not treated. Proper care for your authentic football will ensure that it lasts a long time and is ready to play when the time comes. So, maintain Official NFL Football.

Keep cats and dogs away from the football that gets designated for on-field use.

  • Using water and a cloth, clean a soiled football.
  • Saltwater can corrode the leather, so keep it away from it.
  • Leather conditioner must applied to the football.
  • To enhance absorption, rub the conditioner into the football’s skin.

Play with the football on grass or artificial turf, which it gets built to withstand. Concrete, rugged surfaces must get avoided. Keep your football in a dry, well-ventilated location. It should not be placed on or near direct heat, especially if it is wet since this can cause cracking and shrinkage. Before putting the Official NFL Football in a bag, make sure it is dry.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s directions for inflating the football.
  • Never use high-pressure water to clean the football since it can force water through the seams.

Before attempting to fix your old football yourself, visit an appraiser to see if it has any potential worth as a collectible. A collectible football’s value might lowered by improper restoration. Because these objects might be worth hundreds of dollars, it’s crucial to handle them with care and, if necessary, invest in a specifically formulated antique leather dressing.