Giggle Fest: Best Telugu Comedy Movies That You Can’t-Miss on ahaOTT

Stop scouring various apps for online entertainment, especially if you’re on the search for Telugu comedy films! Look no further than aha! As the top OTT platform, aha offers an overload of Telugu comedy movies, all conveniently accessible right on your screens. With an extensive array of choices, aha ensures there’s a Telugu comedy film to tickle everyone’s funny bone. Dive in and start watching a Telugu comedy film now!

1. Sundaram Master

“Sundaram Master,” hit the screens on aha on February 23, 2024, marking the debut of Harsha Chemudu, better known as Viva Harsha, in a leading role. Directed by Kalyan Santosh and produced by Ravi Teja and Sudheer Kumar Kurru, this laughter-packed adventure promises a rollicking ride.

Set in the quaint village of Miryalametta, the film follows the arrival of Sundar Rao (played by Harsha Chemudu), an English teacher with a peculiar agenda. As the villagers grapple with the concept of an English-speaking teacher, hilarity ensues, unveiling Sundar Rao’s hidden motives. With a blend of humor and suspense, the movie keeps the audience in stitches, eagerly anticipating the unraveling of Sundar Rao’s quirky plans.

“Sundaram Master” delivers a rib-tickling journey against a rustic backdrop. Dive into the laughter riot on aha today, as this comedy gem is bound to leave you chuckling and guessing at its whimsical twists and turns.

2. My Dear Donga

“My Dear Donga,” premiered on April 19, 2024, exclusively on the aha platform, offers a delightful comedic journey for its audience. With a stellar cast including Abhinav Gomatam, Shalini Kondepudi, Divya Sripada, and Nikhil Gajula, the film is directed by B.S. Sarwagna Kumar and produced by Maheshwar Reddy Gojala.

The plot revolves around Sujatha, a copywriter for a dating app who finds herself dissatisfied with her romantic pursuits. Her world takes a hilarious turn when she crosses paths with Suresh, a small-time thief played by Gomatam, leading to an unexpected connection. As the story unfolds, it goes into the humorous consequences of this unlikely pairing and the transformative impact it has on Sujatha’s life. Watch it on the aha video now!

3. Sathi Gani Rendu Ekaralu

“Sathi Gani Rendu Ekaralu,” an Indian Telugu comedy film directed by Abhinav Reddy Danda, features Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari, Mohana Sree, Vennela Kishore, and Raj Tirandasu in prominent roles.

The plot revolves around Sathi, an auto driver who unexpectedly inherits two acres of land, setting the stage for a series of comedic and heartwarming events. As Sathi navigates challenges such as his daughter’s medical needs and the sarpanch’s interest in his land, the storyline takes unexpected twists and turns.

This latest addition to a Telugu comedy film blends humour with light moments, offering a delightful portrayal of Sathi’s life’s ups and downs. With its unexpected twists and intriguing narrative, “Sathi Gani Rendu Ekaralu” promises an entertaining cinematic experience, exclusively available on aha. 

Hurry and catch it on aha today! 

These films are a must-see for Telugu movie fans. Brace yourself for a laughter-filled journey, as these amusing comedy movies. These are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone!