best drum sander

Planing and Sanding are two different techniques amongst which sometimes people get confused. Planers are used to produce boards with equal thickness and Sanders are the finishing tools that can alter the thickness by removing small amounts of wood into customized shapes or improve the woodwork. David Ros0 adds to that relief by offering some useful intel over the variety of drum sanders and customer reviews to select the suitable one for a specific purpose.

An ignorant factor that one should consider with all kinds of drum sanders are,

 best drum sander

  • Collection of dust: It is an obvious fact that whilst sanding, a lot of dust is accumulated. That not only hampers the workflow but also can become a work hazard.

To prevent this, one should always go for drum sanders that hold up great airflow design.

With the help of Dust Hood technology, it is possible to drift the dust into the collection port.

In case of limitations to space, one can always use the portable sanders that have the worktable parallel for operations and on a swivel to keep the dust in storage.

Though David Rose has suggested some best drum sanders, there are a few drawbacks as well considering there are two sides of every coin. They are as follows,

  • Strenuous replacement of drive abrasive belt in SuperMax 19-38 Drum Sander.
  • With different workloads, it is hard to calibrate the Jet JWDS-1020.
  • JET JWDS-2244 does not have a digital gauge.

Feed belt brackets are manufactured from low quality metal.